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Audrey Kelly Wedding photography Ireland

Those that know me know how incredibly passionate about photography I am, and those that don’t often tell me that it is represented in my images and final products. For me photography is art and storytelling, with every image that i capture I strive to evoke emotion and catch the moments you may miss. My approach is simply to be discrete and unobtrusive capturing the little details,the special moments and emotions that happen during the course of your special day.
I shoot for the future,I want you, your children and your childrens children to look back on your photographs in years to come and remember your wedding day exactly as it was.

I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of one of the most important days of peoples lives and I feel honoured to be asked to record such a special event in your life.

With my easy going nature I have helped previous brides and grooms through potential stressful moments and I feel that my role is to be more than a photographer and in some way be a friend to lean upon.

Over the years I have learned that every bride and groom are very different, each with their own personal needs and acquired tastes… some i find to be either modern, a love for all things vintage, classical and those that are wanting something very unique… with that i have hand selected album collections to cater for these wide range of personalities and tastes, and developed a range of the most beautiful bespoke, stunning and somewhat unique albums which i am proud to display my work and become on of the most valuable possesion a couple may ever own.