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If you’re a bride or groom with an eye for something special and unique, you know we are obsessed with great photography, and we’re delighted to share the best the UK has to offer. Today’s Spotlight showcases the work of Richard P Walton, a brilliant photographer who is pushing the boundaries in Wales and across the UK. Bringing a new way of looking at wedding photography in the UK.

I have more than ten years experience in wedding photography, I like to take a different approach to most other wedding photographers and take a lot of inspiration from my portrait and fashion photography. Wedding photography has become very stale, the latest trends are boring and won’t look good in years to come. The whole vintage wedding photography look is very strange to me too, I think wedding photography that looks like it was taken in the 70’s will look good in thirty years, it will just confuse people. Wedding photography should be unique to you, it’s something very personal and if it’s done well you’ll have a lovely wedding album that will be passed through generation after generation in your family.

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